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Viscotaq awarded with US patent on September 15 2015

“We feel humbled to have been awarded a US patent for our technology and will continue to invest in research and development”. The Viscotaq technology has now been awarded by multiple patents in various countries, and more applications have been filed. Updates will...

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VISCOTAQ patent granted in Colombia

We are pleased to announce that the División de Nuevas Creaciones of the Superintendent of Industry and Commerce (SIC) in Colombia has officially granted the patent that protects the intellectual property on VISCOTAQ visco elastic coating technology.  The patent has...

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Trade show in Guadalajara Mexico

VISCOTAQ was presented at the PEMEX trade show in Gaudalajara Mexico in February. After being one of the first companies visited by the organizers, the show was one of our best shows in years. We thank our Mexican group and the many customers that visited our booth.

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Amcorr VISCOTAQ patent awarded

Amcorr Products & Services is pleased to announce that the Institut National Algerien de la Propriete Industrielle has officially granted the patent for our VISCOTAQ visco elastic coating technology.  We have confidence that this new mile stone will contribute to...

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VISCOTAQ passes 5 psi pressure test at Mears Engineering

The VISCOTAQ system for casing end seals was applied on a 30 inch pipe with a 34 inch casing. The 30 inch pipe was placed in an angle and was off center. The application took approximately 1 hour per side. The system was pressure tested at 5 psi and no air leaks were...

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Edwin Welles becomes 20000st member of NACE organization

Edwin Welles, President and CEO of the company, became the 20000st member of NACE organization. "I feel proud to be part of an organization of experts in the industry, that tries to make the industry safer and ready for the 21st century. The development of the latest...

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8 months ago

Sealing pipe conduits with Visco Paste and Viscotaq EZ Wrap.
Easy installation, long term performance.

#pipelinerehabilitation #pipelineprotection #pipelinecoatings #pipeline #protectivecoatings ... See more

9 months ago

June 1st 2000 Amcorr Products & Services, Inc. started it's business and is celebrating 20 years in business.
From left to right the founders: Leo Van Beugen, Ymie Van Der Ploeg, Edwin ... See more

9 months ago
Podcast: Amcorr VP on Maintaining Support for In-Field Workers | CoatingsPro Magazine

Amcorr Products And Services, Inc. VP of sales John Glass, joins Nace International Podcast for materials performance and coatings pro magazine to discuss how Amcorr is maintaining support for in ... See more

John Glass, vice president of sales for Amcorr Products and Services, joins the NACE Publications podcast series on COVID-19 to discuss how his company is maintaining support for in-field workers ... See more

9 months ago

Viscotaq system to prevent corrosion at above ground flanges. Easy installation, long term performance.#pipelinerehabilitation #pipelineprotection #pipelinecoatings #pipeline #protectivecoatings ... See more

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