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VISCOTAQ shows “excellent resilience to shear”

"What happens when VISCOTAQ is undergoing shearing effects from soil stress?" We asked this question to an independent laboratory, Charter Coatings, in Calgary. Charter Coating managed to come up with an agressive shear test based upon existing simulations. VISCOTAQ...

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1 week ago

One of THE proven applications of VISCOTAQ® are soil to air transitions of pipelines and pipe sections. Over the past decade tens of thousands of soil to air applications have been protected against ... See more

3 weeks ago

Sealing pipe conduits with Visco Paste and Viscotaq EZ Wrap.
Easy installation, long term performance.

#pipelinerehabilitation #pipelineprotection #pipelinecoatings #pipeline #protectivecoatings ... See more

1 month ago

June 1st 2000 Amcorr Products & Services, Inc. started it's business and is celebrating 20 years in business.
From left to right the founders: Leo Van Beugen, Ymie Van Der Ploeg, Edwin ... See more

1 month ago
Podcast: Amcorr VP on Maintaining Support for In-Field Workers | CoatingsPro Magazine

Amcorr Products And Services, Inc. VP of sales John Glass, joins Nace International Podcast for materials performance and coatings pro magazine to discuss how Amcorr is maintaining support for in ... See more

John Glass, vice president of sales for Amcorr Products and Services, joins the NACE Publications podcast series on COVID-19 to discuss how his company is maintaining support for in-field workers ... See more

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